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Waxing -
  • eyebrow (includes shaping, trimming, tweezing)   $15
  • nostril $7
  • cheeks $7
  • lip $10
  • chin $7
  • full face (brows, nose,cheeks, lip,chin) $50
  • underarm $20
  • 1/2 arm (includes hands) $20
  • full arm $30
  • chest *$45
  • shoulders *$35
  • full back *$60
  • 1/2 leg (includes feet) $40
  • full leg $60
  • bikini *$35
  • brazilian $75
* varies

What is the difference between bikini waxing and a brazilian?  During a bikini wax, we remove the hair that could otherwise be seen while wearing a bikini or panties.  In Brazilian waxing, we take it all off :) All the visible hair is removed in that area.

How can I prepare ahead of time for these treatments? Do I trim the area myself? What is the ideal length of the hairs?  Ideally, the hair should only be 1/4 of an inch - if you can easily tweeze it, most likely it can be waxed. If you prefer, you can come in already trimmed so the appointment requires less time, or we will be happy to clean it up for you before hand :)

Does it hurt? With an experienced, licensed esthetician, you will find the discomfort only lasts seconds. Ask any woman who waxes frequently and she'll likely tell you the benefits definitely outweigh any pain you may experience. Everyone has varying thresholds and some women do opt to take an ibuprofen prior to their appointment. Also, because it is a common belief nerves may be a little more heightened which could increase discomfort during your menstrual period, it's recommended to refrain from waxing the week before or during this time.

What type of wax do you use at Malama Day Spa? We use Satin Smooth Cherry hard wax for almost all the Bikini waxing. It’s a hard wax, so it doesn't require the use of strips. We believe this method produces better, quicker results, and with the least amount of discomfort. 

Is there an ideal time of the month for me to schedule an appointment for waxing? please see answer for third question above

How much time should I expect the appointment to take?  Full brazilian waxes take approximately an hour.

Can you describe the waxing process in general? The procedure is done in one of our private treatment rooms. The female esthetician will give you a spa wrap to change into. You will also be given disposable panties to wear during the waxing if you prefer. Once you are comfortably in position on the massage table, the esthetician will cleanse the area with a pre-waxing cleanser. She will then apply baby powder to help ensure the wax adheres only to the hair. The hair is now removed in sections, beginning at the top lower abdomen and moving down. For esthetic reasons, some ladies choose to leave a very small strip of hair on the top; this is a personal preference. To perform the waxing on the back side, the esthetician will have you lay on your side and apply the wax to the inner butt cheeks (sorry, I don't know a more delicate way to say that). :) We believe this way of waxing is more modest and just as effective as any other method. 

Does your spa do bikini or brazilian waxes for men?  No. We welcome and offer all other traditional body waxing and skin care services for men with the exception of the bikini or brazilian waxes. It's not a procedure we are comfortable offering here at Malama Day Spa and we appreciate your understanding. 

  If this is your first time waxing, or if this is your first time waxing here at Malama Day Spa in particular, we just want you to know that our estheticians will always do the utmost to make you comfortable. In fact, it's one of our goals here. Truly "no question is a dumb question", so if you've got a concern, please let us know. Call us at 1-503-325-8233. We're here for you!