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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eyelash Extensions - Did I mention we do these?

Ladies! If you've not heard about eyelash extensions or if you have any questions about eyelash extensions, call me. If you want gorgeous lashes like the ones showcased below, just call. :) 503-325-8233 Our staff will work with you to customize eyelash extensions to suit you.
Edit:  Limited time offer, GLAMOROUS lashes starting at just $99!!

Left - AFTER eyelash extensions (without mascara)
Right - BEFORE eyelash extensions

Sleep, meditate, relax while the eyelash extensions are applied and when you wake up....

BEAUTIFUL! (and these are naked lashes - no mascara!)
By the way, ladies, at our current offer of 20% off your first treatment, now would be the perfect time to schedule an appointment to get eyelash extensions. Aloha!   :)
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  1. I'm a convert! Love my extension lashes, love em, love em! :)


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